How Does Cannabis Vaping Work in Kirkland?

When deciding among cannabis consumption methods, it is important to make the right choice for you. With so many ways to consume cannabis, it can get confusing when trying to make a decision. Knowing how cannabis vaping works can help you ensure it’s a good match for your needs. 

Conduction vs. Convection

When talking about vaping cannabis, it is crucial to know the difference between conduction and convection. In a conduction vaporizer, the extract or flower is heated up using an element. In a convection vaporizer, the air around the flower is heated up and this is what vaporizes it. 

Flower vs. Oil

You have the option to vape either flower or cannabis oil extract. When vaping cannabis flower, the plant is heated up using a heating element. With oil vapes, you are vaporizing a cannabis oil that has been extracted from the flower. 

Vaping vs. Dabs

Many people confuse vaping cannabis oil with doing dabs. When you do your cannabis vaping with extract, you are simply vaping the oil from the flower. With dabs, you are vaporizing cannabis concentrate, which is much higher in THC and will be a lot more powerful. 

Need Help With Cannabis Vaping in Kirkland? 

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Great Suggestions for Cannabis Vaping in Kirkland

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